Pilot privátneho lietadla Felix Bureš

About us

Flying has always been my passion. My first name in latin means “happy”. Flying and  working around business jets makes me happy to date. It helps bring together both passion and happiness. Let me briefly share my story...

I started my professional career some 20 years ago. Just as I obtained my Commercial Pilot Licence in the year of 2000 as an aviation college student, I opted to quit the sweet campus life and started working as a L-410 first officer, dispatcher, and single engine instructor in addition to my studies. Thanks to this experience, I found myself at the United Airlines training centre in Denver for my first jet type rating (Boeing 757) just a few weeks after graduation. I think this is one of the most beautiful airliners of all time and have the opportunity to fly it across the world was just pure excitement. Later, having just turned 26, I was privileged enough to become the one of the youngest Captains on this type in the world at that time.

However, I always dreamed about flying business jets, especially the industry icon Gulfstream.. Friends and luck allowed me to achieve this personal milestone just before I turned 30. I was simply too lucky: flying a GV and managing my first small team on a privately owned, N- registered GV. The financial crisis in 2009 put a temporary halt to my dream job, but the experience of flying Airbus airliners wasn’t bad at all either. Later, I was lucky enough to come back and fly my beloved Gulfstreams and have been doing so for the past 10 years.

Today, with some 10 thousand flying hours behind me, managing a G550 and it’s dedicated crew as a Team Leader and another two similar G550s as Type Chief Pilot for one of the best operators in the region is something that brings me constant joy. To do it right you need to listen and learn from the best in the industry. Managers, brokers, office people, technicians, engineers, dispatchers and pilots many of whom I know personally and cooperate with every day. The world is smaller than you even ever imagine especially the world of business jets.

Now we can do something remarkable together.

Felix Bures