Why not try private jet?
It is definitely right time for this.

We are now living in difficult times. It’s neither easy nor safe to use public transport. Private jets, however, are experiencing golden times and are used more than ever.

From any place to everywhere

We cooperate with more than 2000 partners across the globe. No matter you need to book short domestic flight or intercontinental journey.

It takes approximately 24 hours to arrange your request. (for flights planned out of EU we may need some more time to prepare)

Mapa partnerov privátneho lietania
Privátne lietanie - zoberte na pulubu všetkých

Take it all!

No limits. We are ready for your private bookings or large groups, including corporate travel and sports teams.

We save your time,
we save your money

With current restrictions on commercial transport, you often need to put a lot of energy and time into organising the flight as well as the transport itself, which is slowed down by the many checks. In private aviation, all you have to do is pick up the phone and you'll be flying to your destination within a few hours.

Privátne lietanie za cenu business class


We will select a suitable aircraft according to the number of people and destination.


Beechcraft King Air
Piaggio Avanti
and more...

Small jets

Cessna Citation
Embraer Phenom
and more...

Midsize jets

Bombardier Challenger
Bombardier Learjet
and more...

Big jets

Global Express
and more...


and more...
Mapa vzdialeností privátneho lietania